VMware announced Horizon Suite, but where did ThinApp go?

VMware today announced Horizon Suite as well as three new products called Horizon Workspace, Horizon Mirage and Horizon View.


As you probably noticed two of these four products aren’t actual new. VMware View and VMware Mirage are still the same products, but updated and rebranded to match the new Horizon umbrella.

VMware Horizon View 5.2 contains many new cool features like clientless HTML 5 access, hardware accelerated 3D graphics and Windows 8 support. Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) wrote a very good article about what’s new in VMware Horizon View 5.2VMware Horizon Mirage 4.0 biggest new feature is the support for application layering. This allows you to deploy applications and ThinApp packages using Mirages new app layering technique.

VMware Horizon Workspace is a brand new product enabling IT departements to deliver secure and policy-driven data and applications to any device. Last but not least, Horizon Suite is a new product bundle which combines View, Mirage and Workspace. To get more information about the Horizon Suite and Workspace I suggest another great article by Andre: Introduction to the new VMware Horizon Suite.

With all the excitement about this product launch you may still have noticed that ThinApp is gone from the product listing. Don’t panic, ThinApp is still alive and kicking but there are some changes.

Unfortunately ThinApp will not be available as a standalone product anymore. ThinApp is now bundled with the Horizon product line. No matter if you buy Horizon Mirage, View, Workspace or the whole Suite you will always get ThinApp. ThinApp will be integrated in each of this products, so that you can see and use it as a product feature now.

To make a long story short: ThinApp transformed from being a standalone product to being an integral part of the Horizon product family. In my opinion that is a good thing. ThinApp will gain a lot of traction being an integral part of Horizon and also it will gain additional functionality. For example reporting and auditing when combined with Horizon Workspace or a completely new deployment method using Mirages app layers.

To be clear you can still use ThinApp in standalone mode. There is no need to deploy Horizon Workspace, View or Mirage to use ThinApp, but to license ThinApp in the future you have to buy one of the Horizon products. If you still want to buy ThinApp as a standalone product the ThinApp standalone licenses are still available to buy until the end of 2013. After that ThinApp will only be available as part of the Horzion product family. You can read more about the end of availability announcement of VMware ThinApp as a standalone product in the following FAQ: VMware ThinApp Client & Suite End of Availability and End of Support Lifecycle FAQs (direct link to PDF).

Ps: The ThinApp product page is still available.

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