Vote now! VMworld US 2013 public voting has begun!

The public voting for the VMworld sessions started yesterday. There are many really good sessions in the voting and you should really have look and take the opportunity to vote for the sessions you want to see.

Christoph from and I submitted a few sessions and we are really glad that all of them are now online. If you want to learn about Horizon Mirage, Workspace, View and ThinApp it would be great if you vote for us.

Here is an overview of our sessions:

4836 Managing Windows desktops is like playing with Lego (Disclaimer: But only if using Horizon Mirage and ThinApp)
Everyone loves the simple approach of Lego in terms of inventing and building new things. Just throw some Lego bricks together and build something completely new. And when you have a new idea you can simply build something completely different again. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could build Windows desktops as easy as building something with Lego? With VMware Horizon Mirage and ThinApp you can do exactly this. Just think about all these different components like drivers, operating system, applications, anti virus as different bricks which can be combined in every possible way you can imagine. We show you how you can accomplish this using Horizon Mirage and ThinApp.

4863 Dare to compare: Mirage application layering and ThinApp
This session compares Mirage application layering and ThinApp. We will start by examine how each of the products work and how they compare. We will discuss pros and cons of each product and show how we can offer the best of both worlds by combining them. As conclusion we will show different use cases and explain which product will the best fit.

4901 Horizon Suite and ThinApp – the perfect match
ThinApp is now an integral part of the Horizon Suite. It brings new functionalities and advantages to each product (i.e. Mirage, Workspace and View) included in the Horizon Suite.. Do you want to know how you can track the usage of your ThinApp packages? Or maybe you always wanted to use ThinApp in your branch offices but until now it was a hassle to deploy those packages to your branch office users? VMware Horizon View, Mirage and Workspace in combination with ThinApp can help you with that. Attend this session if you want to learn what this new match made in heaven has to offer and which benefits each of the products gains.

4960 Things you never thought were possible with ThinApp
Using ThinApp is a breeze, but did you ever wonder how you could do X or Y with ThinApp? Or did it seem impossible to do some specific task with ThinApp out-of-the-box? And what about the those features the other vendors promise but ThinApp allegedly doesn’t offer? We tell you some neat things you can do with ThinApp you never thought were possible. Stuff like:

  • Deploying delta updates using AppLink
  • Native shell integration with virtual packages
  • Check for prerequisites before running a package

Join our session to see how highly customizable and easily extendable ThinApp is.

Link to the voting:

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