Release: VMware Workstation and Fusion Technology Preview 2013

In case you missed it: VMware released the Technology Preview 2013 versions of VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion. Both releases are packed with new features:

VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2013

  • Creating and running Virtual Machines using the latest operating systems – Window 8.1, Ubuntu 13.04, Fedora 18 etc.
  • Running Restricted virtual machines with an expiration date
  • Converting physical machines to virtual machines
  • Graphics performance and multi-monitor support
  • Performance of Virtual Machines running up to 16 vCPUs
  • General stability, application compatibility and usability

Link: VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2013

Welcome to the VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2013

  • Creating large VMs on appropriately equipped Macs (16 vCPUs, 64GB RAM)
  • Dictation Support
  • Network handling when running VMware ESX as a guest
  • Restricted virtual machines with an expiration date
  • PC Migration Assistant
  • Virtual Machine Compatibility pane under Settings
  • Improved handling of the Command/Windows key under Windows 8
  • General stability and correctness

Link: VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2013

Most interesting for me are the enhancements to the restricted virtual machines feature. This feature allows you to restrict virtual machines in a way that users can’t change anything at the VM hardware level and even set an expiration date for a virtual machine. In combination with Mirage this is really nice solution for BYOD use cases.

I personally running the Fusion Technology Preview for a few now on my production system and hadn’t had any issues performance and stability wise.

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