Release: VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2

On last Wednesday (06.06.2013) VMware released version 4.2 of Horizon Mirage. This new version features support for Windows Vista (migrations from Vista to Windows 7 are also supported), client and file portal localization (French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese),  optimizations of the endpoint centralization process, a brand new Web console for help desk users and much more.

Here is a snippet from the what’s new section of the release notes:

  • Endpoint centralization – Performance improvement when a large number of endpoint centralizations are performed, by reducing the number of IO operations required from the storage.
  • Vista OS support – Horizon Mirage supports the disaster recovery use case for Vista, and Vista to Windows 7 migration.
  • New help desk Web console – Help desk users can troubleshoot and fix endpoints using a Horizon Mirage Web interface.
  • Client and file portal localization – The Horizon Mirage client and file portal now supports: French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Windows 7 in-place migration encrypts endpoints with Sophos 5.5 software – There is no need to decrypt endpoints during an in-place Windows 7 migration.
  • Aligned Mirage license scheme to the Horizon user-based license scheme – Horizon Mirage no longer enforces license based on device count.

If you want to know more about this release I recommend the official VMware blog post to this release: Announcing Horizon Mirage 4.2!

Release Notes | Documentation | Download

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