Best practices for upgrading VMware Horizon Mirage

With the newest version of Mirage released just a few days ago there is often the question how to upgrade the Mirage servers to the latest release.

Luckily the instructions on how to upgrade Mirage servers are documented in the VMware Horizon Mirage Administrator’s Guide (page 265 ff.) and also as a separate KB article called: Best practices for upgrading VMware Mirage (2031711).

Unfortunately one crucial thing isn’t mentioned in the documentation: Do not use the “Create new storage areas.” option during the upgrade process of the Mirage management server.

If this option is used and the path of the original storage area is entered everything of your Mirage installation (Base Layer, AppLayer, CVD data, etc.) is getting deleted and is lost permanently if you haven’t created a backup before!


The same is true is when the “Create new local cache area.” is used while upgrading the Mirage server software. This situation is far less critical as only the local cache of the server itself is deleted but no important stuff like base layers and CVD data. This may result in some short-time performance penalties as the cache has to be filled again

So please make sure to keep this in mind before and while upgrading your Mirage servers.

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