Endless ThinDirect loop

Last week one of my colleagues discovered a very strange behaviour when using ThinApp and ThinDirect. He created a new ThinApp package with a virtual Internet Explorer within and configured ThinDirect to redirect a single page to the virtual browser.

While at first everything seemed to work okay as ThinApp redirected the site to the virtual browser correctly but after this point ThinDirect entered a loop and new instances of the browser were created indefinitely. To get a better understanding of this error and how to solve it have a look at the following video.

To solve the issue of the endless loop you have to make sure a ThinDirect.txt with an reference to your browser entry point is baked into your ThinApp package.

For example: if your entry point is called “Internet Explorer.exe” your ThinDirect.txt placed in the root of the project folder should contain at least the following content:

[Internet Explorer.exe]

I have seen this issue only with Internet Explorer as this is the only browser supporting the ThinDirect browser add-in.

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