Release: VMware Horizon Mirage 4.2.3

Just now VMware released a new version of Horizon Mirage. The new version 4.2.3 features a lot of bug fixes and some new features.

  • Better storage disconnects handling – Horizon Mirage servers now identify high load conditions on storage that can cause disconnects and can throttle down to allow storage utilization to return to normal.
  • SSL configuration option in Horizon Mirage server installation – The IT manager can now configure SSL communication during server installation. There is no need to perform this operation with the Management console after installing.
  • Branch reflector enhancements – The IT manager can better design and monitor branch reflector deployment by simulating the branch reflector selection on endpoints. The IT manager can now click any device from the Management console and see if it has a branch reflector in its vicinity.

Also the Mirage documentation got a major overhaul. There are now an administrator guide and installation guide as well as a web manager guide all available as PDF and HTML versions.

If you want to learn more about this release have a look at the release notes.

Update: Due to some installation issues version 4.2.3 isn’t available to download anymore. I will update this post as soon as problem is fixed and the download is back again. VMware re-released version 4.2.3 with additional bug fixes. Everyone who has already update to the first release please consider upgrading your environment to the latest release.

Release Notes | Documentation | Download

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