What does Horizon Mirage migrate with USMT?

VMware Horizon Mirage is often used for migration scenarios. Besides hardware migrations Mirage also supports the migration from one Windows version to another. To be more specific Mirage supports the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Windows Vista to Windows 7.

During the migration process Mirage uses the Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT) to migrate operating system settings and user data from the old Windows version to Windows 7.

By default the following data is migrated (Source: What Does USMT Migrate?):

  • Folders from each user profile. My Documents, My Video, My Music, My Pictures, desktop files, Start menu, Quick Launch settings, and Favorites.
  • Folders from the All Users and Public profiles. Shared Documents, Shared Video, Shared Music, Shared desktop files, Shared Pictures, Shared Start menu, and Shared Favorites.
  • File types. .accdb, .ch3, .csv, .dif, .doc*, .dot*, .dqy, .iqy, .mcw, .mdb*, .mpp, .one*, .oqy, .or6, .pot*, .ppa, .pps*, .ppt*, .pre, .pst, .pub, .qdf, .qel, .qph, .qsd, .rqy, .rtf, .scd, .sh3, .slk, .txt, .vl*, .vsd, .wk*, .wpd, .wps, .wq1, .wri, .xl*, .xla, .xlb, .xls*.
  • Access control lists.

USMT also migrates a whole bunch of operating system settings. Mirage uses the offline migration feature of USMT to migrate the user and operating system settings from the Windows.old directory to the new Windows 7 installation. Because Mirage uses offline migration by default only the following settings are migrated:

  • Accessibility settings
  • Address book
  • Command-prompt settings
  • EFS files
  • Favorites
  • Folder options
  • Fonts
  • Group membership
  • Microsoft® Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) settings
  • Mouse and keyboard settings
  • Network drive mapping
  • RAS connection and phone book (.pbk) files
  • Remote Access
  • Windows Mail. Microsoft Outlook® Express Mail (.dbx) files are migrated from Windows XP.
  • Windows Rights Management

Because some major settings are missing when using the default settings in offline migration mode Mirage adds additional functionalities to USMT to migrate the following settings:

  • Keyboard layout
  • Regional settings
  • OS language
  • Network printers (behind network share) + network drives
  • Raw network printers
  • Default printer
  • Time zone
  • Static IP settings
  • Wallpaper
  • Internet Explorer start page
  • Explorer and Taskbar options

Last but not least USMT supports the migration of several application settings. Most of them are only supported in specific (and often very old) versions. One major application suite which is supported is Microsoft Office of course. USMT supports Office 2003 to 2010 and also supports the migration from one Office version (e.g. Office 2003) to another (e.g. Office 2010).

For more information about USMT and which applications are supported have a look at the following article: What Does USMT Migrate?

Because USMT is very flexible it is possible to add additional applications and operating system settings to it. More information about USMT can be found in the User State Migration Tool 4.0 User’s Guide

3 thoughts on “What does Horizon Mirage migrate with USMT?

  1. Is it possible to configure Mirage to NOT migrate network printers and the user’s default printer? We are moving to a new printer server with our migration from XP to Windows 7 x64, and I would like to avoid having to remove all printers that point to the old server after XP to 7 migration. If this configuration is possible, where would I need to configure it? I would guess it’s part of Mirage, since the USMT itself won’t migrate printers during offline migration. Thanks.


    1. Hi,

      this is of course possible. You need to modify the Launch_USMT.cmd which is provided by Mirage.
      In this file you need to modify the line

      set USMT_MIG_XML=/i:%USMT_LOCATION%MigApp.xml /i:%USMT_LOCATION%MigDocs.xml /i:%WallpaperFile_XML_PATH% /i:%KeyboardLayout_XML_PATH% /i:%MigRegionalSettings_XML_PATH% /i:%DefaultPrinter_XML_PATH% /i:%Win7CustomSettings_XML_PATH% /i:%Win8Printers_XML_PATH%

      and remove


      from it.

      Have a look at my article on how to customize USMT in Horizon Mirage.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thanks Tim. I’ve got it working now. I’m not sure how I missed your article on customizing USMT. It is a huge help! Thanks again.


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