Release: VMware Horizon Mirage 4.3

Today VMware released the new version 4.3 of Horizon Mirage.

This release includes major improvements of the interoperability between Horizon Mirage and View and therefore officially supports image management of full clone virtual desktops.

The new release includes:

  • Support for image management of VMware Horizon View full clone desktops
  • Ability to do image management only (without the need to centralizing an endpoint first)
  • Ability to deploy app layers during a Windows 7 migration process
  • A bunch of tools for synchronizing (export and import) layers, CVDs and the driver library between different Mirage server clusters
  • Enhancements to the Mirage volume for better exclusion support in regards to Anti-virus solutions
  • A new web-based console with support for the Protection Manager role, which allows you to do all the tasks needed for protecting and synchronizing your endpoints.

Also there are many bug fixes included in this release.

Because covering each new features would blow up this article so much I decided to cover each feature in a separate article over the next few weeks.

Release Notes | Documentation | Download

2 thoughts on “Release: VMware Horizon Mirage 4.3

  1. We have built a new Mirage server using Server 2012R2 and would like to be able to export the app layers, base layers and drivers from our previous server. I see above that you stated that “A bunch of tools for synchronizing (export and import) layers, CVDs and the driver library between different Mirage server clusters”, but I don’t know where to find the documentation for this. I had read a post referring to the exe using ExportLayer but that does not work, apparently it is not a valid “type”. I had backed up the sql express database from the old server and restored it into sql express on the new server, however it is not appearing in the Mirage Console. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.


    1. The tools you are searching for are:

      Wanova.Server.Tools.exe ExportLayers
      Wanova.Server.Tools.exe ImportLayers
      Wanova.Server.Tools.exe DriverLibraryCloner

      The (layers) tools are undocumented and therefore not supported. Use at your own risk!


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