“Please contact technical support” event in the VMware Horizon Mirage Event Log

In the latest release of Horizon Mirage 4.3 a bug was discovered that might cause upload failures. These upload issues are logged in the Mirage event log with the remark to “Please contact technical support”.

This problem may appear if you updated you Mirage environment from an older release (4.0.2, 4.2.2, 4.2.3) to the latest 4.3 release. Only if you upgraded your environment you may be affected by this problem, new installation based on 4.3 are not affected.

As always our Mirage engineering team solved this issue right away and released a specialized version of the Mirage server tools which allow to fix the upload problems. Inside the download package a PDF called “Fixing potential upload problems in Horizon Mirage” is included which specifies the steps to solve the upload failures as mentioned below:

  1. Upgrade to Mirage 4.3
  2. Download the attached server tools (available in the Mirage download “Tools” section).
  3. Extract the tools in a new folder, not overwriting the installed Mirage binaries.
  4. Run the server tool “LegacyCvdIntegrityCheck”

Wanova.Server.Tools.exe LegacyCvdIntegrityCheck

Usage: LegacyCvdIntegrityCheck
-serverAddress [Management Server Address]
-concurrentScans [number of concurrent integrity scans. Recommended 1-5]
-scanMode [Optional. FixForUpload (Default), CheckOnly, FixForRestore, ProactiveFixForRestore, ProactiveFixForUpload]

Example: Wanova.Server.Tools.exe LegacyCvdIntegrityCheck -serverAddress localhost -concurrentScans 2

If you have any further questions about this tool or bug please contact VMware Technical support or your local VMware rep.

Download: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/details?downloadGroup=MIRAGE-430-TOOLS&productId=322

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