How to disable the Horizon Mirage client upgrade balloon

When updating the Mirage server infrastructure to a newer version all Mirage clients are automatically updated the next time they connect to the upgraded Mirage server. During the client update the user gets notified that the client is being upgraded.


While this notification is somewhat non-disrupting sometimes it needs to be deactivated. Of course this is possible with only a minor change to the Mirage desktop service configuration file located here:

C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage Service\Wanova.Desktop.Service.exe.config

Open this XML file in your favourite editor and change the following setting from

<add key="showUpgradeBalloon" value="true"/>


<add key="showUpgradeBalloon" value="false"/>

Most customers change this key while deploying the Mirage client using a post-install script. But what to do when Mirage is already up and running, the Mirage clients are deployed and you are planning an upgrade?

Thats even easier. You can centrally change this setting by updating your CVD policy. Here is how:

  1. Export your CVD policy using the Mirage management console
  2. Add the text outlined below inside the configuration tags
  3. Import your CVD policy using the Mirage management console
  4. Save the policy as new (minor) version
  5. Assign the updated CVD policy to all your clients

The following parameter has to be added inside the configuration tags:

<Config Name="showUpgradeBalloon" Value="false" />

Please be aware that this entry is case sensitive.

After you edited your CVD policy the XML file should look similar to this example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DesktopPolicy xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<UploadChangesIntervalMs>3600000</UploadChangesIntervalMs> <FullUploadChangesIntervalSeconds>0</FullUploadChangesIntervalSeconds>
<Config Name="showUpgradeBalloon" Value="false" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vmdk" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vmem" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vmsn" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vmss" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vhd" />
<Directory path="%anyvolume%" recursive="true" filter="*.vfd" />

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