Use blanks/spaces with the Horizon Mirage server command line interface (CLI)

Using the Wanova.Server.Cli.exe Mirage supports a vast amount of commands to automate different tasks.

My colleague Andreas Wilke (@automatecloud) over at has created an article series covering all the commands and options available.

For some commands you may want or need to use spaces, i.e. for the description of a CVD collection.

But doing something like this

Wanova.Server.Cli.exe localhost -c "addCollection MyCollection This is my collection" 

or this

Wanova.Server.Cli.exe localhost -c "addCollection MyCollection "This is my collection""

will result in an error (“Error: invalid number of parameters.”) or something other you did not expect.

To use blanks when using the Wanova.Server.Cli.exe -c option you need to use a backslash () as escape character like this:

<span class="crayon-r ">Wanova.Server.Cli.exe</span> localhost<span class="crayon-e "> -c</span> <span class="crayon-s">"addCollection MyCollection \"This is my collection\""</span>

This does not only apply to the “addCollection” command but to any other command of the CLI you want to use spaces with.

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