Upgrading VMware Mirage 4.x to 5.0

As VMware Mirage 5.0 is now available many want to upgrade to the latest version. While the way of doing an upgrade from 4.x to 5.0 has not change it will change with 5.0 going forward.

Up to version 5.0 you need to uninstall old versions of the Mirage server components first and then install the new ones. This needs to be done in a specific order:

  1. Uninstall all Mirage servers
  2. Uninstall Mirage management server
  3. Uninstall additional components (Mirage management console, WebAccess and WebManagement)

After everything is uninstalled the components need do be installed as follows:

  1. Install Mirage management server
  2. Install Mirage servers
  3. Install additional components

It is most important to (un)install the Mirage management server and Mirage server in the right order. The remaining components can be (un)installed in no particular order. For more information about upgrading Mirage have a look at the following article: Best practices for upgrading VMware Horizon Mirage.

For future upgrades, for example, from Mirage 5.0 to Mirage 5.next it will not be required to uninstall the Mirage server components first. You will be able to just run the MSI of the new Mirage version and it will automatically detect all existing settings (like database configuration, service account used, cache and storage location) and then do the upgrade.

From a technical point of view the upgrade from 4.4.x to 5.0 could also be done using this new mechanism. But because some advanced error handling needed to be implemented in the Mirage server software, which was implemented with Mirage 5.0 and is not available in prior versions of Mirage, it is not supported and therefore not recommended to use this upgrade method when upgrading from 4.4.x to 5.0. The traditional way via the (un)install upgrade method must be used.

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