ThinApp 5.0 and support for Horizon View and Workspace

In ThinApp 5.0 some major changes we’re incorporated and therefore broke the interoperability with Horizon View 5.2 and Horizon Workspace 1.5.

Officially only the following scenarios are supported and do work:

  • Horizon View up to 5.2: Only 32-bit ThinApp 5.0 packages are supported
  • Horizon View 5.3 and later: ThinApp 5.0 is fully supported (32-bit and 64-bit packages)
  • Horizon Workspace 1.5: ThinApp 5.0 is not supported at all, wether 32-bit nor 64-bit packages.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the knowledge base article which states that ThinApp 5.0 is, at least for 32-bit packages, supported in Horizon Workspace 1.5. This however is not true and will technically not work. If you want to use ThinApp with Horizon Workspace please use the version 4.7.3 of ThinApp.

Update (29/11/2014): The knowledge base article was updated and now states the correct and supported scenarios.

Source: Horizon View and Horizon Workspace support for ThinApp 5.0 applications

Release: VMware Horizon Workspace Agent 1.5.1

With VMworld Europe 2013 just around the corner VMware just release an update to the VMware Horizon Workspace agent.

While the new version indicates that it is just a minor upgrade it is in fact a complete rewrite and contains major improvements on how ThinApp packages are handled.

Here a short list of the updates:

  • Command line support – sync of new ThinApp entitlements can be done by command line.
  • Full self-service support – User now can add and remove ThinApp packages and the actually get installed and uninstalled on-demand.
  • Better handling of ThinApp updates deployed via Horizon Workspace
  • Enhanced Kerberos Single-Sign In

Much more information about this new release can be found in the following article by Peter Björk (@thepeb) on the official VMware ThinApp blogThe new VMware Horizon Agent are now available.


Horizon Workspace 1.0 Technical White Papers

Since Horizon Workspace 1.0 was release VMware created some very good documents (white papers, reference architectures, etc.) related to Horizon Workspace. While some are very easy to find others are a bit more hidden in the VMware communities.

In this post I want to highlight some of the documents which I found very helpful and interesting.

Horizon Workspace 1.0 Reviewer’s Guide
Everyone who is just starting with Horizon Workspace should have a look at the Reviewer’s Guide. This document is a guided walkthrough of VMware Horizon Workspace, including a step-by-step perspective into technical architecture, use cases and initial installation, configuration, and integration.

Horizon Workspace Reference Architecture
If you want to know more about how to size your Horizon Workspace environment this is the right paper for you. I gives you an idea about the requirements for a 2,000-user Horizon Workspace environment.

Security Considerations for Horizon Workspace 1.0
This paper provides an overview of security considerations and recommendations for VMware Horizon Workspace. Topics covered are authentication and authorization, auditing, the demilitarized zone (DMZ), sharing, access control, and device control.

Horizon Workspace 1.0 – Load Balancing with F5
This paper details the setup of F5 BIG IP 11.3 with Horizon Workspace 1.0 to load balance gateway-VAs for internal and external access

Horizon Workspace – External vFabric Postgres database
This paper details the setup scenarios for using VMware vFabric Postgres 9.1 for use with Horizon Workspace service-va to implement this service in HA mode or for production environments where external PostgreSQL database is a requirement.

In my opinion all of these papers are a must read.

Release: VMware Horizon Workspace for iOS and Android

VMware Horizon Workspace for iOS and Android is now available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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This is a little glimpse in the future of what VMware has up in its sleeves for 2013. Horizon Suite is announced to be available in Q1/2013 and was already demonstrated at VMworld 2012.

VMware Horizon Workspace for iOS enables secure, anywhere access to files, applications and View Desktops from any device. To use VMware Horizon Workspace you need an account on your company’s internal VMware Horizon Workspace system, please contact your system administrator for details.


  • View all your files from your other computers and devices.
  • Collaborate with people within or external to your organization.
  • Upload new and manage your files and folders.
  • View files even when offline.
  • Access your enterprise applications from anywhere.
  • Once device is authorized, no need to remember extra passwords.
  • Open your View Desktop with HTML Access or View Client for iOS.
  • Easily manage your device and data, including the ability to remote wipe from a central web console.
  • Works with iOS 6.x and above

VMware Horizon Workspace for iOS | VMware Horizon Workspace for Android