Release: VMware Horizon View Client for Mac OS X 2.1

Besides Feature Pack 2 for Horizon View 5.2 VMware released a major update of the Horizon View Client for OS X.

The new client now supports virtual printing and running multiple desktops at the same time (without a workaround).

  • Virtual printing – End users can now use local or network printers from a View desktop without having to install additional print drivers in the View desktop. Requires Horizon View 5.2 servers and desktops.
  • Running multiple desktops at the same time – End users who are entitled to multiple desktop pools from a server can now have these desktops open on their client system at the same time. The desktop selector window for the View Connection Server instance remains open, so that after you connect to one desktop, you can easily connect to another.

You can download the new client via and find additional information using the buttons below.

Release Notes | Documentation | Download

Release: New VMware View clients (1.7) available

With the release of VMware View 5.1.2 we also released a wave of new View clients for all mayor plattforms:

VMware View Client for Windows 5.2.1
The Windows View client brings support for Windows 8 and URI (Uniform resource identifier).
Release Notes:

VMware View Client for Mac OS X 1.7
As first vendor VMware with VMware View now supports USB redirection from a Mac to a virtualized Windows desktop.
Release Notes:

VMware View Client for Linux 1.7
The new version of the View client for Linux now supports FreeRDP when using RDP rather then PCoIP. Also there a several improvements to the USB redirection feature.
Release Notes:

VMware View Client for Android 1.7
Also a new version of the Android client was released which includes support for Android 4.2, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. While the RSA authentication and the display resolutions (Resolutions of up to 2560 X 1600 are now supported.) where enhanced there is finally a full screen touchpad functionality available!
Release Notes:

VMware View Client for Windows Store 1.7 (Tech Preview)
While the VMware View client is not available via the Windows Store yet you can download and install a TechPreview of the VMware View Client Metro client. The Metro client runs on Windows 8 and Windows RT but currently only supports RDP connections.


Release Notes:

Documentation | Download

Launching multiple instances of the VMware View Client for Mac OS X

When using the VMware View Client for Mac OS X as an administrator you really want to launch multiple instances of the client. While there is no built-in way to launch a second instance of the View Client and therefore a second session to a virtual desktop it is still possible using a little workaround.

Just launch the and enter the following command line:

open -n "/Applications/VMware View"

As you can see in the screenshot, and hopefully for your self after executing the command above, you now have a second instance of the View Client running. It is also possible to launch additional (3rd, 4th, …) instances.

You can even select the dock option “Keep in Dock” if you don’t want to enter the command every time you want to launch an additional View client instance.

Update: Adding additional View clients to the dock seems to be a bit flakey because sometimes the open View client just gets the focus and no new instance is launched. But the command line option always works.