Virtualize Microsoft Visio 2010 and Project 2010 while Microsoft Office 2010 is installed locally

My colleague Peter Björk (@thepeb) wrote a very helpful article on how to virtualize Microsoft Visio and Project 2010 while Microsoft Office is locally installed!

“While many are virtualizing Microsoft Office 2010 during a Proof Of Concept (POC) most companies decide to install Microsoft Office natively rather than virtualizing it. Both packaging method are valid but many times it’s easier and more efficient to have Office locally installed. That said, virtualizing Microsoft Visio and Project is a whole different ballgame. Virtualizing Visio/Project makes very much sense in many designs. There are quite a few KB articles and blog posts out there covering Office 2010 and it’s components. But so far I’ve yet to see a complete list of what is needed in order to build a Visio/Project package and have it coexist and to a certain degree integrate with native Office. So I started to collect all data I found on Internet. I ended up adding a couple thinks myself as well.”

Check out Peter’s article on the official VMware ThinApp blog.

ThinApp Microsoft Visio and Project 2010 while locally installed Microsoft Office 2010